For a new project to be listed on bitcoin tools it must simply meet the following two requirements .
1.Support bitcoin.
2.Not Support Altcoins.

People make mistakes (such as supporting / promoting altcoins) and our belief is that if a project is not genuinely 100% bitcoin, it is welcome.

“That said, if a company previously supported altcoins and then switches to support only bitcoin how do we know that they won’t switch back?

It’s for this reason that to be listed, companies that switch to using 100% bitcoin ,must also meet the following additional requirement.

3.Publicly explain why they became to only using and supporting bitcoin and remove/update any old public information in which altcoins are promoted.

These requirements are a good way to filter out those companies who are actually committed to using bitcoin 100% vs. those jumping on the bandwagon.

It also serves a secondary purpose – to help educate those who are not (yet) 100% bitcoin and begin to counteract the damage caused by previously supporting altcoins.

Note: This is a prerequisite for being evaluated for addition and meeting these requirements does not guarantee you will be added.

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